Digital Fundraising

Email and digital are the runaway favorite, and least expensive, way to fundraise. Emails, memes, re-posts, shares, ad-buys, follows etc., can be targeted to specific people in specific places: all of whom are predisposed to receive, and more importantly, support with donations, your vision, mission and goals.


You need donors.  Friends, likes, and follows are simply not enough. Transforming your social media friends into committed donors is what we do all day long for our clients. We build social sites with millions of eyeballs and shares. But, more importantly, we have transformed eyeballs, shares, likes, and follows into the most important ingredient you need: donors.

Print & Major Gifts

Direct mail can identify monthly, mid- and major donors for your executive team and major gift officers. What’s more, unlike email, mail is tangible, and during a national crisis like Covid, (when your gift officers are side-lined for 8 months), mail can be used to send high dollar proposals, traditional leave-behinds, and planned giving information critical to future funding. Major donors might make up 5% of your donor base, yet they routinely give 90% of your donations. We can help you cultivate, steward and raise funds from this key constituency.

We believe in the causes you fight for.

Twenty-two years of expertise raising money for the right of center and charitable c3 and c4 organizations.

Latest Case Studies

Revv, WinRed, Campaign Monitor, Stripe, Anedot, Mailchimp: We’ve got you covered.

No matter what your email systems are: WinRed, Revv, Campaign […]
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Raising $80,000 per month on email

Housefile of 4,000, raising approximately $15,000 per month. We are also doing email for them, they have a list of 25,000 emails, and we're raising approximately $80,000 per month on email.
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Adding 1,500 new donors every 30 days on direct mail

We are also conducting a national direct response campaign for them, mailing 150,000 letters a month in order to increase their visibility, but more importantly, increase their donor base. The acquisition campaign is adding 1,500 new donors every 30 days.
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We raise money for non-profits.

We work with Veterans groups, Christian ministries, Right-of-Center policy organizations, humanitarian and children’s help not-for-profits, animal protection services, and more.

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“Our job is to raise the necessary funds so you can do your mission with integrity and success.”

~ Matt Waters