The F Street Partners story

Why F Street Partners?  We met on F Street and became friends.  We have dedicated our lives to fundraising, we share a common faith, and we have fun together.  It’s that simple.

FUNDRAISING: Our task is to raise money. That’s what we do for our clients. We raise money through a combination of social media, outdoor advertising, email, direct mail, digital display ads, major gifts and foundation proposal writing. We also manage robocalls, press outreach, text-to-text, crowdfunding, and rev-shares to name a few more.

Over the last three decades, we have evolved, learned, and kept pace with the new opportunities and challenges conservative and right of center organizations are facing, from de-platforming to censorship. Our clients, which are kept entirely confidential, have stayed with us on average 11 years. Three reasons why: 1. we’re really good at raising money; 2. we find creative ways to help you find new donors and maximize your opportunities and 3. we’re fun to work with.

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Hire a Team of Experienced Fundraisers

Collectively, F Street Partners has over 50 years experience serving multiple non-profit organizations. We have held multiple positions both inside and outside of non-profit organizations and consulting agencies that support them.

Today we are working 24/7, no exaggeration!  We raise money under nearly every single imaginable scenario, including some we hope you never encounter–like the unexpected loss of your headquarters–or that “Fake News” story that will hinder your ability to accomplish your mission.

If your development program is looking for new creative, or if you need management solutions that help digital talk to print, or you need assistance generating major gifts, or you want a fresh new look at what you’re doing, let’s have a conversation.

F Street Partners can lower your cost per new name, we can increase your ROI, and we can definitely save you money. Our fundraising machine will generate leads to feed your Major Gift Officers and Planned Giving. Our team will present new and responsible creative, creative that works (i.e. raises money). We will create a national program, generate buzz, connect your digital and print fundraising mediums. And we think you will like us.

You can reach us at am@fstnw.com.

If your development program needs a boost, if you need to add more donors to your cause, you want to combine social media, email and direct mail, and you need an honest opinion from honest fundraisers, then let’s meet!

F Street Partners

Anne Marie, CEO

Anne Marie is a graduate of Calvin College, she began her career at The Hill Newspaper in Washington. Later she joined Congressional Quarterly’s Campaigns and Elections magazine where she served as Associate Editor of the Campaign Insider for five years. Anne Marie’s leadership, business sense, strong copy writing, editing, and research skills add a richness and depth to the work of F Street Partners.

Matt Waters, Partner

Matt is a strategic advisor and battle-tested copywriter who regularly writes monthly acquisition and housefile appeal letters, foundation proposals, and e-mails. He serves as point on major gifts and foundation relationships.

Matthew Curtis, Partner

Matthew is an expert social, email and fundraising copywriter. Matthew’s work has garnered millions of views, likes and shares.  More importantly, his work has raised millions of dollars.

Hugh McNichol

Hugh is a long-time Christian-conservative copywriter and political consultant. Hugh has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars via direct mail and email.

Carolyn Kincaid

Carolyn is a results-driven copywriter with more than 12 years of experience writing direct mail, email, newsletters, ads, and online content. She specializes in fundraising for national and international nonprofits and conservative political campaigns and candidates.

Lauren Bell

Lauren has over a decade of experience in graphic design in both print publications and digital content. She specializes in direct mail packages, newsletters, brochures, email campaigns, as well as web and social media content.

Conrad Direct (List Company)

List Processing Specialists (Database Mgt.)

Virtuous (Customer Relationship Mgt.)

Wiland Direct (List Company)

“Our job is to raise the necessary funds so you can do your mission with integrity and success.”

~ Matt Waters