The Axis of Evil (Google-Facebook-Twitter)

The New Totalitarians: Facebook, Google/YouTube, Twitter

F Street Partners on tap in Columbus Ohio

The War on Philanthropy

By Karl Zinsmeister America has just completed a banner year […]

CCP-Virus: 9 Key Take-Aways

Washington, D.C. — Matt Waters, CEO of F Street Partners, […]

7 Take-Aways Every Non-Profit Needs to Know

When assessing your fundraising goals and considering how your results measure up, pay attention to where you are on the organizational growth curve...

Facebook Advertising vs. First Amendment

Well, Zuckerberg has at least heard of the First Amendment (although it is not mentioned in Wall Street Journal article below.) A worthy and shocking read. Here are a few thoughts from the article

Individualism=more giving

Just in time for the holidays, the Charities Aid Foundation released its annual World Giving Index for 2015, ranking countries according to their charitable giving, volunteering, and willingness to help those in need. The report seems to confirm a common source of guilt among developed nations of the world...

8 Principles of Greatness

Lewis Howes' book breaks greatness into eight simple steps...

“Our job is to raise the necessary funds so you can do your mission with integrity and success.”

~ Matt Waters