Washington, D.C. — Matt Waters, CEO of F Street Partners, outlined his strategy for his clients regarding how to move forward during the CCP-Virus. “When slow down occurs (economic) people are trying to figure this out, and make decisions. So what do we do?” Waters made the following recommendations and observations:

1. Typically, donors slow down decision making process.

2. We always knew 2020 Election was coming–the CCP-Virus/economic affects is a new challenge for you and me.  We have no way of knowing what our donors are thinking unless we ask them, and they tell us. So, ask.

3. Now is the time to be more active, more engaged with our current and lapsed donors, not less.

4. Re-prioritized giving is typical under these conditions. Most donors don’t say, I’ve got 20% less, so I’m going to give 20% less to the groups I support: they say, I’m going to cut a few organizations, and maintain my past giving to my top priority non-profits.

5. Ask our top donors for wisdom and guidance: ask them how it is affecting them.

6. Be ready to adjust spending, but do the opposite of most non-profits: don’t cut devo or marketing, those things that drive revenue. All non-profit exectives must decide what is the core value you must protect.

7. Remember that we cannot control external factors that are out there. We only control our response. Show leadership to those living in fear (if we encounter that).

8. Remember, in ’08 and ’09, we had record giving. How can we get better?

9. Remember Jesus’ admonition: Do not fear. Or in other words, “It’s Friday, but Sunday is a-coming!”