Washington–The Non-Profit Sector in the USA is utterly unique. It is unique among the nations, it is unique in all of history. Every country in the world has, for all practical purposes, a Private Sector–albeit heavily monitored in Communist countries–and a Public Sector or government. The US is unique in that it set up a third sector that looms large in the economy, the Non-Profit

The Non-Profit sector advocates for legislation and salvation, lobbies congress, fights for free speech, sides with and/or against candidates, preserves history, helps veterans, feeds children, discovers medical breakthroughs, assists the poor and needy here in the States and around the globe, and much much more. Consider this, every single college (with precious few exceptions) is a non-profit organization. Nearly every church in the US is organized as a non-profit. Hospitals too more often than not are non-profit organizations.

According to the Council on Nonprofits, “A substantial portion of the nearly $2 trillion nonprofits spend annually is the more than $826 billion they spend on salaries, benefits, and payroll taxes every year. Also, nonprofit staff members pay taxes on their salaries, as well as sales taxes on their purchases and property taxes on what they own.” The Council also puts the number of individuals employed in the Non-Profit Sector at just over 12 million.

Enter Big Tech. Over the last dozen or so years non-profit organizations have incorporated tools such as video, email, texting, and social media to expand outreach, raise more funds and awareness to highlight their mission, goals, and accomplishments. This relationship was healthy for all involved, left, middle and right.

But then Donald Trump happened. And with the election of Trump, Big Tech Private Sector companies such as Facebook, Google/YouTube and Twitter took a dangerous and illiberal turn months before the National US 2020 Election. Big Tech began to work hand in hand with the Left Leaning Public Sector, Government, to censor, deplatform and throttle down right of center non-profits who advocate for free-speech, freedom of religion, free expression. Now we know these Big Tech companies were threatened by Congressmen such as Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff to censor.

The censorship by Big Tech mirrors the censorship of Totalitarian Dictatorships–ranging from lowly Belarus to Communist China, the inventors of COVID-19 that has killed over 3 million people globally, and the manufacturers of fentanyl that has killed over 80,000 US Citizens since 2008. There is every reason to believe that China is pursuing this “death by bio-weapon & virus” as a strategy to defeat the West, particularly the United States of America.

For those of us working in the right leaning Non-Profit sector, working to preserve our freedoms here in America, we have been forced to find alternatives to the Big Tech Totalitarians. Over the last several months, F Street Partners has assisted multiple clients fight back against the Private-Public Sector Totalitarian Alliance with new avenues to find new social media platforms, new Internet revenue streams, and old fashioned direct mail–which as of yet is still not censored (but the USPS did admit to spying on US Citizens apparently).

In this age of spying and censorship and corruption by the USPS, IRS, NSA, FBI, DOJ, DOD, CIA, the White House, Members of Congress, Facebook, Google, Twitter, the MainStream Media (MSM), F Street Partners can help you chart a path forward carefully and deliberately that help you maintain your mission in the marketplace of ideas.

“Our job is to raise the necessary funds so you can do your mission with integrity and success.”

~ Matt Waters